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Ski Hire- Shop Around, Compare Prices and Book Online To Save Money

Would you think that ski hire is much the same between different shops

in Chamonix?

Whats more, what would you think pre-booking online would save you, 10%, 20%, more?

I personally did not have a clue, after all travelling to your holiday destination is stressful enough never mind shopping around for ski hire!

Having said that over the last few year, I have seen prices creeping up and up. Partly this is due to the exchange rate of course, but even factoring that in, the latest cost for me and my family (5 of us, 2 adults and 3 children) for ski hire was 955 Euros for 8 days. Wow that brought a tear to my eye, so after a day of skiing and wondering if I’d been mugged, I decided to do some research.

Walking Into SkiSet Chamonix (No Online Reservation) 955 Euros which already included a 20% discount! The first mistake I made here is allowing shop assistant to choose which skis I actually got without questioning the price. The shop assistant decided to give me 3 set of their upper range ski packages which can be very expensive.

The second mistake was not booking online!

So I took the Family's Ski's back to SkiSet after one day and paid 145 Euros for the day.

I then went upstairs, had a beer and booked my entire families Ski Hire online with Cham Sport (across the road from the apartment building) and paid 290 Euros for 7 days for a family of 5. The next day I picked them up and they were great!

Ski Set Chamonix in the La GInabelle 2 Building and Cham Sport Across
Ski Set Chamonix in the La GInabelle 2 Building (Left) and Cham Sport Across (Right)

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